About us

We talk about unicorns a lot at The Wonder.

And we do so for two very important reasons:



2.) Your child is a unicorn. A bewildering, fascinating, temperamental, one-of-a-kind creature whose mere existence is insanely cool — and a big responsibility (and honor!)


Here at The Wonder, we dream up classes and experiences that stoke curiosity and delight, that encourage empathy and kindness and self-awareness, that make those wonderful unicorns of yours even more wonderful.

Our Story


Two moms walked into a bar. “Two dirty martinis!” they cried, not a care in the world. Just kidding. For Sarah and Noria (and parents everywhere), it was more like dirty diapers and too many cares. “We need more magic!” said Sarah. “Less mayhem!” said Noria.

Approximately 586 days later, Sarah and Noria opened The Wonder in New York City. It was a clubhouse for families with a GIANT play space, cool classes, movie nights, Halloween parades, drag queen story times, free stroller detailing, and a milk & cookie flight on the cafe menu. It was so cool a unicorn came to the opening party, and the notorious Reading Ninja graffiti’d their walls while curating their library.  


Then COVID came. And The Wonder was forced to temporarily close its doors to all that IRL magic and wonder and weirdness. 

But guess what: Like all of our favorite fairytales, the story of The Wonder has a happy ending — or, rather, a happy new beginning. Because we moved that magic online! We figured: There are a ton of classes out there. What makes ours special is that we believe education should be entertaining, and we design our classes with that in mind. We believe pop culture can — and should — be a relevant source of learning. And believe that teaching kindness and empathy and self-awareness (AKA: social-emotional learning) is super important. 


BTW: have you seen our unicorn? Last seen walking down Hudson Street without a mask. Let us know.

Our Clubhouse

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