About Us



We ALSO believe kids are, in fact, actually unicorns. Bewildering, fascinating, temperamental, one-of-a-kind creatures

whose mere existence is insanely cool —

and a big responsibility (and honor!).


We're just unicorn whisperers or wranglers, depending on the day. 

We also make spaces where kids play to learn and parents learn to play. And we dream up some seriously super cool classes, too.


The Story 

Two moms walked into a bar. “Two dirty martinis!” they cried, not a care in the world. 

Oh wait, wrong story.

Sarah and Noria founded The Wonder with a mission: Create a space where families could reconnect to the joys of childhood. They were seeking more magic and less mayhem, and they sought a space where they could connect with other parents.

It Gets Better

COVID happened. Things were hard and confusing. (Understatement alert.) Sarah reconnected with her old friend Maria, another full-time working mom who had founded Nook in DC. (She's really the bomb.) Realizing they shared values — and were both moms on a mission that had been hijacked by a pandemic — they decided to join forces, and, with a wave of their magic mom wands, made it happen!

Our Clubhouse