Music literacy is cool, and learning auditory and gross motor skills is even cooler. We like to mix it up with different genres every week, and Beyoncé at least once a month. Our teachers make it interactive, groovy, and fun. Ideal for ages 2-5

Meet Brendan!

Brendan is a singer, songwriter, actor and wizard at getting kids to love the kind of music grown-ups love (hallelujah!). He’s been on TV (Millions and The Deuce), he’s worked all over the city (the Met, Gayle’s Broadway Rose), he’s taught loads of classes (Little Maestros, Jam with Jamie, and, ahem, The Wonder), AND he’s currently in a Billboard-recognized pop duet with his partner Greg Driscoll called Fab The Duo. BRB, going to lay down for a nap on his behalf. 


In Beats class, we explore all genres of music, and yes, we go beyond Raffi. We promise you’re gonna love these playlists just as much as your kids.

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