Bunk Activities: Monday

Indoor Activity: Shark Trivia

Learn these facts to impress your friends and family. Can you draw pictures of these sharks?


  • Like stingrays, they have flat bodies — but the difference is the shark’s pectoral fins are NOT attached to their heads.⁣

  • Hide and seek: angel sharks bury themselves in the sand or mud with only their eyes and part of the top of their bodies exposed.⁣

  • They are bottom feeders which means they feast on crustaceans like clams, mollusks and fish that swim close to the ocean floor.⁣


  • Measuring 12 feet long, they have sleek, tapered bodies.⁣

  • They are some of the fastest swimming sharks and can even leap out of the water like dolphins.⁣

  • Not picky: while they eat a lot of squid, they will eat almost anything. ⁣


  • The average Great White is 12 feet long and 3,000 pounds. ⁣

  • Unlike most sharks, Great Whites can lift their heads out of the water. ⁣

  • Danger: Great White Sharks attack more people than any other type of shark. ⁣


  • Predators: While they are unlikely to attack people, they are very dangerous, growing to between 10 and 20 feet. ⁣

  • Wide-set eyes and nostrils give the Hammerhead it’s name –– and allows the shark to extend the range of its senses.⁣

  • Favorite food? Stingrays. Luckily for the sharks, they're immune to the stingrays’ venom.⁣


  • Whale Sharks are the biggest shark (AND the biggest fish) in the ocean, growing to 45 feet long (!) and 30,000 pounds (!)⁣

  • Even though they have “Whale” in their name, they’re not Whales. (Whales are mammals, not fish.)⁣

  • They filter plankton from the ocean using their gill rakers.

Outdoor Activity: Pirate Treasure Hunt

Download our treasure hunt... items can be hidden outside OR make the fun of the hunt in collecting the items! Arrrrrr you ready?


Storytime: Clark the Shark

This is a wonderful Beach Week story. You can read it at home or tune into this online storytime, read aloud by actor Chris Pine. 

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