Bunk Activities: Tuesday

Storytime: Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers

Author Dave Eggers (yes, that Dave Eggers) says it best: “We periodically forget that almost all of us are immigrants. The symbol of America is a symbol of welcome. It’s a woman in a robe walking out to sea, to light the way for those coming to our shores. It’s important that we talk about it. It’s especially important that we talk about it with our kids. We need to show them how to be brave. We need to learn from their tolerance and curiosity and open minds. We need to teach them what this country is supposed to stand for. And that’s why I wrote this book for them.” — author Dave Eggers

Watch a read-aloud here!

Watch a cool animation of the illustrations here

Outdoor Adventure: Plant A Mixed Garden

Gather seeds of different kinds and invite your camper to plant a variety of seeds in a paper egg carton. The more diversity the better — just like people!

What you need: 

Seeds (a mix herbs or wildflowers work well!)

Egg Carton

A bit of soil

What to do: 

1.    Cut the top off the egg carton.

2.   Poke a hole in the bottom of each egg cup. (A pen or pencil works well!)

3.    Put the top half of the egg carton under the top half — this is your drainage tray.

4.    Fill each egg cup about halfway with soil, and mix in just a few seeds in each.

5.    Spray with a water bottle, place in the sun and watch your garden grow.


(Image via Boyerts Greenhouse & Farm) 

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