If yoga and a dance club had a baby, we would say TURN IT UP! Teach a kid how to breathe, hold a tree pose, and dance like Tina Turner?! If that is not success at a young age, we don’t know what is. Ideal for ages 3-6. 

Meet Caitlin!

Caitlin is an actor and our Wonder Glowtime instructor. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, she now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her favorite activities are (in no particular order): doing yoga, reading books, snuggling her cats Wednesday and Odin, watching horror movies with her boyfriend, and grilling on her rooftop. That’s right, she loves horror movies, but is TERRIFIED of bugs –– even lady bugs and butterflies!


Let’s practice yoga, Wonder-style.

Try our favorite themed yoga practices. This is best enjoyed with your kid, and we promise it will feel good.