Arts & Crafts Cabin: Family Footprint Flip Flops

Or as they call them in Hawai’i: SLIPPAHS.


White paper (cardstock is best but anything will work)

Construction paper

Washable paint

Variety of different straws (Adult cuts to fit the foot print)

Pom poms and other such decorations



  1. Clean the camper’s foot and have them step in a shallow tin of whatever color paint they want their Flip Flop to be.

  2. Have the white paper directly next to the tin, ready for them to gently step on with both feet.

  3. Set aside and cut out the colored construction paper for a background.

  4. Cut both foot prints out and glue them to the colored paper.

  5. Glue two straws for the top of the yoke and add whatever decorations you would like.

  6. Try to get a pair of flip flops for everyone in the family!

Adapted from Tippy Toe Crafts

Need supplies fast? Shop our supply list here.

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