Arts & Crafts Cabin: Fingerprint Coconut Trees

All you need is a thumb and a little paint.


Brown, green and blue washable paint

White paper

Paint brush


  1. Dip your thumb into brown paint and, starting in the middle of a piece of white construction paper, make thumbprints — one at a time! — in a line down towards the bottom of the page. This is the trunk of the coconut tree!

  2. Wash hands.

  3. Now take a paint brush and use the green paint to make the palm fronds!

  4. Let dry a moment, and while you do, rinse the paint brush.

  5. Now add some blue sky around your coconut tree.

  6. Then dip your thumb in brown paint again and place a few coconuts on the green palms, and on the ground next to the trunk.

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