Arts & Crafts Cabin: Floating Sea Turtles

Kind of like pets, but easier to care for.


Green craft foam

Sea turtle template (print this out or draw your own!)

Clear plastic container (a la applesauce or fruit cups)

Googly eyes

Blue and green paint



Scissors (adults only!)


  1. Turn over the plastic cup and use the blue and green paint to paint the “shell” of their sea turtle.

  2. While the campers paint is happening, adults can use the template to trace and cut out the green foam base of the turtle.

  3. Once the template is done and the shell has been painted, glue the shell onto the green foam and glue the eyes on the head.

  4. Allow to completely dry before playing with it in the water!

  5. AND THEN: watch the turtle float!

Adapted from Lindsay Blogs

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