Arts & Crafts Cabin: Marbled Planets


Black and white cardstock paper (12-inch X 12-inch size)

Acrylic paint in several colors

Shaving cream

3 foil containers

Rubber spatula


Gold glitter glue

Sponge brush or paint brush

Glue stick


  1. Begin by cutting 3 different sized circle shapes from your white cardstock paper.

  2. Squirt shaving cream into the foil containers, enough to fill the bottom of the pans. Using your rubber spatula, spread out the shaving cream smoothly and evenly.

  3. Squirt various colors of acrylic paint onto the shaving cream in lines of varying directions. Use a toothpick to create vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines for a marbled look.

  4. Press one circle down into the paint and lightly rub all over the circle to get the shaving cream to stick. Carefully remove the circle from the paint and let dry for 1-2 minutes. Repeat with other two circles.

  5. Optional: glue your marbled planets to black cardstock to give the impression that these planets are in space (but wait until the planets are dry). .


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