Bunk Activities: Thursday, August 13th

For campers to do on their own before reporting back to the cabin check-in!

#1 Storytime: The Pout Pout Fish

By Deborah Diesen

In this very fun-to-read, colorful rhyming book, a glum fish learns that his foul mood is not really his vibe –– or his destiny.

Watch a read-aloud here!

#2 Outdoor Adventure: Happy Parade

Who says you need an occasion for celebration?

Gather festive outfits, fun hats, instruments, wands, scarves ––– anything you need to make a SCENE –– and lead a parade around your block. See if you can get neighbors to join you...from a safe distance, of course.

Take a picture and post it on social, tagging @thewonder so we can see!

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