Bunk Activities: Thursday, July 30th

For campers to do on their own before reporting back to the cabin check-in!

#1 Storytime: Grandpa’s Mixed-Up Lu’au

By Tammy Paikai and Don Robinson

What do you get when Grandma needs Grandpa to go shopping for a lu`au…. and Grandpa does not hear very well? A lot of misunderstandings that leads to lots of giggles. Read for Wonder Campers by Maile Holck, a theater performer and Native Hawiian from The Big Island of Hawaii.

Watch a read-aloud here!

#2 Outdoor Adventure: Luau Picnic

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party! There’s often music and dance, too. Grab a blanket and your morning snack and enjoy a Hawaiin themed picnic! Bonus of you can put on some classic Hawaiin tunes, too.

Take a picture of your luau and post it on social, tagging @thewonder so we can see!

Image via Teach Workout Love.

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