Craft Stick Crocodile


Large craft sticks

Green pipe cleaners

Black Marker

Googly Eyes


Zig zag craft scissors (optional but adult only!)


  1. Color your craft stick green, and let dry completely.

  2. Once dry, take a green pipe cleaner and place it perpendicularly in the middle of the craft stick.

  3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the craft stick, working your way toward one end of the stick.

  4. Once you wrap to the point that a quarter of the stick is still “unwrapped” stop. Make legs.

  5. Repeat the whole process on the other end of the stick.

  6. Cut the teeth with zig zag scissors. Glue them on the bottom of the craft stick. Stick on two googly eyes. Draw nostrils with marker. Have fun.

Adapted from Easy Peasy and Fun

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