Make a Coral Reef

Let’s build an underwater coral reef! Green seaweed, purple anemones, sea shells, octopus… limit to the size and shape of this amazing living biome.


8 count modeling clay package (we like Crayola)

Large piece of cardboard

Blue paint



  1. Paint the cardboard BLUE. This is your ocean backdrop. 

  2. Once it dries, paint a brown little patch in the middle of it. This is your sand, and where your coral reef will live.

  3. Now, using the image (or your imagination! Or a science book! Or an aquarium!) as a guide, craft little versions of coral reef life. Green seaweed. Purple anemones. Pink seashells, Yellow starfish. Let dry.

(via Deviant Art)

Need supplies fast? Shop our supply list for this craft here.

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