Peaceful Paper Hand

Art as activism, as created by one of our favorite artists, Christian Robinson. We love this video he made, and stay for the book he reads at the end! (Check him out at @theartoffun!)


  1. What you need:

  2. Large brown paper bag

  3. Tape or kid stapler (or regular stapler, if adult present)

  4. Paint

  5. Paintbrush

  6. Kid scissors (or regular, if adult present)

  7. Pencil


  1. Trace a BIG hand on a paper bag, and cut it out. Tape all the sides, but keep the bottom open.

  2. Paint or color your hand.

  3. Think of a message you want to say, and write it on there.

  4. Go outside and share your message!

(via The Art of Fun)

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