Spider Crackers

What You Need

Round crackers such as Ritz

Pretzel sticks

Cream cheese, unsalted peanut butter, almond butter or any spreadable nut butter

Small dried fruit such as raisins, blueberries or cranberries –– or even mini chocolate chips

What to Do

  1. Spread cream cheese, peanut or almond butter on two crackers so that it's thick enough to secure the pretzels.

  2. Break 4 pretzel sticks in half.

  3. Place the 8 broken pieces around one cracker to look like spider legs.

  4. Take the second cracker and sandwich the pretzel sticks in between the two crackers, without them moving.

  5. Dip two raisins in cream cheese or nut butters and stick them to the top of one side of the spider for eyes.

  6. Serve immediately or within a few hours at the most.

via La Jolla Mom

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