Unity Handprint Wreath

Because we're stronger together.


  1. Fingerpaint

  2. White and orange construction paper

  3. Kid scissors (or regular, if adult present)

  4. Glue stick


  1. Make between 9 and 12 handprints in various skin tone colors by dipping your hand in paint and stamping it on the paper.

  2. Let dry.

  3. DOVE:  Trace your hand with the thumb extended and 4 fingers close together onto the center of a piece of white paper.

  4. Glue on a beak from orange construction paper or draw one on with orange marker. Draw on a wing and an eye with black pencil crayon or marker

  5. Cut out the skin tone handprints and glue them together in a circle to form a wreath.

  6. Glue the dove onto the back of the wreath (so the wreath acts like a picture frame).  Trim the edges of the paper the dove is on as necessary

(Image via Fun Handprint Art)

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